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Fold away wash lines Johannesburg systems are ideal for small spaces, or inside your garage, think of the safety aspect of not going outside after dark to hang or collect washing. Install one of our Fold-away washing lines on your garage wall, don’t hang your delegate washing in the sun!

Standard dimension’s :1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of haning space).
White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel
Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.

D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

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Tonicdor offers the best washing lines Randburg systems

For years, Tonicdor has been building custom made, retractable washing lines Randburg for clients living in the area. Our flexible selection of highly durable fold away wash lines are greatly beneficial for those who use them, and along with a superb product, we also offer the option of expert installation.

Fold away washing lines have quickly grown to become one of the more popular clothes drying options for those looking to save power and money. Tonicdor offers customers a wide variety of other products for customers in Gauteng. Take a look at our custom swing gates in Midrand  and Midrand security gates solutions today.

Wash lines in Randburg are a world away from the fixed wash lines of the past. These lines still sit in most backyards and while they can be useful, those living in small homes without gardens, will often find that they have fewer natural clothes drying options. This is where the folded wash line has filled a gap. These lines are perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space, and can fit in perfectly on verandas, in garages or on balconies. As they are easily set up in any space, and can be folded away when not in use, these lines are ideal when you don’t want to clutter up your already limited space. These wash lines fit in with most urban set ups and since everyone needs a place to dry their clothing, why not go for the option that will save you plenty?

The retractable wash line has quite a few benefits that the conventional line does not. While the traditional line, which is made of steel and will need maintenance when it begins to rust, and since generally the lines will eventually slacken, the folded line is not in the habit of rusting or having its lines lose tension. In a nutshell, the traditional line is going to need a lot more maintenance than the Tonicdor wash line. Ours are resistant to corrosion and rust and as they are not placed in direct sunlight, they won’t be damaged.

We supply a range of high-quality wash lines as well as installation for our clients living in the Randburg area. We’ve designed our lines in such a way that they are affordable and they fit into most budgets.

The benefits of a fold away wash line

Tonicdor wash lines are ideal for anyone looking for a reliable way to get their clothing dry, and this option is available for both property developers, home owners and those who are renting. The line will also not become a tremendous eyesore which is a nice bonus.

When you have a wash line set up, you won’t be subjecting your clothing to the harsh, somewhat damaging rays of the sun, a fact that is completely unavoidable with the more conventional wash line. Over the years, the general wash line will become ugly and damaged by the elements while with the folded wash line, this is not going to be a problem that you have to worry about.

The benefits of a retractable wash line go beyond the way it will look. These are the other ways in which you will benefit:

  • You’ll save your money

Not only are the Tonicdor wash lines designed to be both affordable to buy and easy to install, but the benefit of such a line extends to the fact that you won’t have to pay out for electricity to dry your clothing. Seeing that South Africa has loads of sunny, warm days, the need to have a tumble dryer for everyday use is unnecessary. When you have a wash line installed, you will not only not have to worry about buying a wash line, but you also won’t have to worry about the need to maintain it.

  • You can save power

Cutting back on the amount of power you use each day is another fantastic benefit that you can look forward to. So if you are looking to reduce your carbon foot print or perhaps just keen to save power, with this exceptional option, having the wash line is a helpful alternative.

  • Your clothing will smell fresher

Clothing given plenty of time to air out and fully dry will often end up smelling far fresher than the clothing that has been tumble dried. The odours are going to completely disappear so those with a sensitive nose will appreciate this option.

  • Your clothing won’t be damaged

The tumble dryer has gained a reputation for being quite abrasive on clothing and your delicate clothing, in particular, can end up being stretched out, scorched and just damaged in general. The wash line is far gentler.

  • You’ll eliminate the fire risk

Seeing that the tumble dryer generates heat to dry your clothing, the appliance can become a fire hazard. You will completely eliminate the fire risk when you have a wash line.

To buy your own custom-made wash lines in Randburg, you can contact Tonicdor today.

Tonicdor. We also work with developers and body corporates in Randburg for bulk washing line installations

Contact Tonicdor @ 011 664 8857 for the best free washing line quotes in Randburg

Aluminum powder coated. No plastic parts – Stainless steel bolts and nuts which means no more rust.

Tonicdor. D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

Standard dimensions:  1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of hanging space).

White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel

Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.

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