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Fold away wash lines Johannesburg systems are ideal for small spaces, or inside your garage, think of the safety aspect of not going outside after dark to hang or collect washing. Install one of our Fold-away washing lines on your garage wall, don’t hang your delegate washing in the sun!

Standard dimension’s :1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of haning space).
White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel
Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.

D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

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Choose the best washing lines Midrand systems from Tonicdor

With a selection of sturdy, reliable fold away washing lines Midrand along with the option of having professional installation, Tonicdor has you covered when it comes to laundry day. Our wash lines are perfectly suitable for small spaces.

Fold away wash lines, also known as retractable wash lines, are a popular addition for homes in the Midrand area. A world away from your more conventional wash lines, which are generally fixed structures placed in a garden, the fold away line is far more versatile and more adaptable. Although the necessity of having an easy way to dry clothing will always be an important part of day to day life, having the means to get clothing dry is often limited by space.

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The retractable lines can be erected in garages, on verandas or balconies, or just about anywhere you need it, and can be folded up once the washing has dried, returning the space to its original uncluttered size. This distinctive feature makes the clothing line ideal for urban set ups where space is often quite limited.

Tonicdor supplies high-quality wash lines as well as an installation service for properties throughout Midrand while we are also perfectly capable of carrying out any necessary repairs. Our wash lines are affordable and just about any budget can accommodate the expense.

The traditional wash line has a number of disadvantages although it serves a helpful purpose. Normally made from steel and ineffective lines which are prone to slack with time, the traditional wash line can require plenty of maintenance and ongoing attention. A Tonicdor wash line is made to be resistant to corrosion, they will not rust and they are also not going to be affected by the sun. The line itself is also made from a tough material, which means that it is not likely to slacken.

The benefits of a retractable wash line

Our products and the accompanying installation service is available to both residents and commercial property developers looking for an affordable way to dry clothing while not damaging the overall look of the property.

When you have a wash line of this kind set up, delicate clothing will no longer have to put out in the damaging heat of the sun, a benefit that many find quite appealing. The more conventional wash line is known for becoming quite unsightly after a couple of years of standing out in the elements and it is this common occurrence that causes many to opt for the folded wash line which can be mounted indoors.

The look of a wash line is not the only benefit to look forward to. These are other reasons why you might want to consider the folded wash line:

  • Money saving

In a country like South Africa, where sunlight and warm days are the norm, having a tumble dryer is not exactly necessary although it is nice to have for those few rainy, cold days. Having a wash line rather than a tumble dryer is a great clothes drying alternative. When you have a wash line installed, you won’t have to worry about saving money to buy or maintain a tumble dryer, and you will save on your month to month electricity expenses. The clothes line itself is also quite an affordable buy.

  • Power saving

If you are keen to cut back on your carbon foot print, having a wash line is a fantastic option as it will help you to cut back on the amount of power you use on a day to day basis. Drying your clothing the natural way is the more environmentally friendly option.

  • Clothing is fresher

When clothes are allowed to dry in the fresh air for the better part of the day, odours disappear faster and clothing will smell fresher. Those who have a sensitive nose will certainly appreciate this advantage.

  • Gentle on Clothing

A tumble dryer can be rather damaging, especially when more delicate clothing is being dried. Hanging clothing on a wash line is the exact opposite and will be a lot gentler.

  • Minimal fire risk

A tumble dryers will without a doubt produce plenty of heat every time it is used and as a result it can be a bit of a fire risk. By hanging your clothing out to dry on a wash line, you will just about eliminate the risk of a fire breaking out.

Take advantage of our  washing lines Midrand services from Tonicdor today and start saving money by allowing your clothing to dry the natural way.

Tonicdor. We also work with developers and body corporates in Midrand for bulk washing line installations.

Contact Tonicdor @ 011 664 8857 for the best free washing line quotes in Midrand

Aluminum powder coated. No plastic parts – Stainless steel bolts and nuts which means no more rust

Tonicdor. D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

Standard dimensions:  1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of hanging space).

White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel

Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.

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