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Fold away wash lines Johannesburg systems are ideal for small spaces, or inside your garage, think of the safety aspect of not going outside after dark to hang or collect washing. Install one of our Fold-away washing lines on your garage wall, don’t hang your delegate washing in the sun!

Standard dimension’s :1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of haning space).
White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel
Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.

D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

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Powder coated washing lines Krugersdorp available at Tonicdor

Offering our clients, a flexible selection of reliable, immensely durable fold away washing lines Krugersdorp systems, along with the option of professional installation, Tonicdor has been assisting clients with their natural approach to cloth drying for years.

Our fold away washing lines have over the years become a popular addition for homes in Krugersdorp. In the past, fixed, conventional wash lines have dominated properties. These fixed structures can still be seen in numerous back yards, and while they have their place, they are not exactly helpful when you have limited space. Fold away wash lines are ideal for homes with limited space, and can be erected on verandas, balconies or even in a garage.

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Since they can be set up in just about any space, and folded away once they are no longer in use, these wash lines are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to clutter up their already limited space. They are perfect for urban set ups, and let’s face it, everyone needs to dry their clothing so why not opt for the environmentally friendly option?

When compared to a conventional wash line, the fold away type has numerous benefits. Traditional wash lines are generally made from steel, which is prone to rust, and lines which tend to slacken after a period of time. That means the traditional washing line is going to need a lot more maintenance. Tonicdor wash lines won’t give you problems. They are resistant to corrosion and rust, and since they are normally set up out of the sun, they won’t easily be damaged.

At Tonicdor, we supply high-quality wash lines along with the all-important installation, for clients based in the Krugersdorp area. Our wash lines are affordable and will fit into most budgets quite easily.

The benefits of a retractable wash line

Available to both commercial property developers, as well as pretty much anyone who is looking for a reliable way to dry their clothing, the Tonicdor wash line is perfect for just about everyone. The line is also not going to be an eyesore, which is a bonus.

With this type of wash line, your delicate clothing is not going to be subjected to the harsh, often damaging direct sunlight that the conventional line is exposed to. And while your more traditional line might become rather ugly after a few years of being out in the elements, this will never happen with the folded line as it is generally mounted indoors or under cover of some sort.

But it’s not all about looks, there are numerous other reasons why you should have a line of this kind:

  • You’ll save money

South Africa has an abundance of sunny days so having a tumble dryer is not quite necessary, at least, it’s not necessary for everyday use. Using a wash line in place of a tumble dryer, on a regular basis, is a fantastic alternative to drying clothing. Once this wash line is installed, you’ll not have to worry about paying out loads of money on electricity each month and you’ll also not have to worry about maintaining a tumble dryer. The Tonicdor wash lines are made to be affordable and you’ll never have to worry about doing too much maintenance.

  • You’ll be saving power

Cutting back on relying on energy is another way that you will greatly benefit from having a wash line. Whether you are keen on cutting back on your carbon foot print or if you are simply looking for a way to save power, this line is a great alternative.

  • Your clothing will smell great

Clothes hung out to dry in the fresh air for most of the day have the benefit of smelling much fresher compared to those tumbles dried. This is a great benefit for those with a sensitive nose as the odours will just about disappear.

  • It’ll be gentle on your clothing

The tumble drying can actually damage your clothing, and this is especially the case with your more delicate clothes. Hanging out your clothes to dry is the gentler option for your garments.

  • You’ll have no fire risks to worry about

Tumble dryers are known to generate loads of heat when used and as a result, they can be a fire hazard. With the wash line, you won’t have this problem.

You can buy a top of the range wash lines in Krugersdorp from Tonicdor today. Contact us and start saving power and money.

Tonicdor. We also work with developers and body corporates in Krugersdorp for bulk washing line installations.

Contact Tonicdor @ 011 664 8857 for the best free washing line quotes in Krugersdorp

Aluminum powder coated. No plastic parts – Stainless steel bolts and nuts which means no more rust.

Tonicdor. D.I.Y. @ R780-00(collect at our factory) or fitted R950-00 in the West Rand area, please call for fitting prices in other areas.

Standard dimensions:  1,8m (length) x 1.0m (width) – 8 lines (14.4 m of hanging space).

White powder coated for durability. The frame is 25 x 25 mm mild steel

Real sturdy, fixed with 6 couch screws to your wall.

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