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Purchase exceptional driveway gates Johannesburg systems for your property at Tonicdor

Swing gates are a popular security addition which the majority of homes and businesses already have. What many don’t have is a Tonicdor swing gate. If you don’t know what a swing gate is, that is probably because the gate goes by other names which are welded gates or the backdoor gate. We offer a selection of manufactured driveway gates Johannesburg solutions for you to choose from. Take a look at what we have on offer today.

Our Tonicdor gates are manufactured by our team rather than pre-ordered. This is something that not many other companies can claim. By taking on the task of creating our own swing gates, we are more than capable of manufacturing swing gates which are extra strong and able to function just as they should.

If you are interested in these products, why not take a look at some of our other items on offer. Tonicdor offers the best steel security gates Johannesburg  for your Gauteng property. View our selection online.

This is the basic style of swing gate that Johannesburg home and business owners can opt for, but it is by no means the only one. Clients are in the perfect position to select the kind of configuration which best suits their unique needs as well as their style. Our team will meet with the client to discuss these kinds of features, giving a more personalised service.

We not only pay close attention to the intricate design process, so that our clients will receive a highly durable swing gate, capable of keeping intruders out, but we also focus on the finer details associated with the finishing process. We powder coat our gates to give them a stunning smooth finish which is as durable as the structure. The finishing ensures that little maintenance is needed. The gates are also fitted with a specific two pin lock. One lock allows the gate to be locked using a key and the other is a push-pin which can be used for either convenience or in the case of an emergency.

Along with the swing gates, Tonicdor also manufactures highly reliable security doors and driveway gates which are ideally used for private homes as well as for town house complexes. When it comes to installation, clients can go the DIY route or they can arrange for us to install the gates on their behalf. We are experts when it comes to installation, as we’ve done it countless times before, and with our installation, we can guarantee that the gates will be perfectly set in place.

Why opt for our affordable driveway gates for sale Johannesburg?

The swing gate when compared to a sliding gate, has a number of differences which in some instances actually gives the swing gate the upper hand. The overall purpose of the swing gate is to add an additional layer of security which is especially welcome in the big city.

Some of the advantages of purchasing our top of the range driveway gates for sale Johannesburg include:

They are quiet: No rattling or buzzing gate motor to destroy your peace and tranquillity, the swing gate will quietly open and close. To ensure that the gate remains quiet, it might need the occasional spray of lubricant, but that is about all you will need to do in terms of maintenance.

They are perfect for slanted properties: If your home or office has been built on an incline, a sliding gate might not actually work. Not only will such a gate be really difficulty to control, but the wear and tear on the structure will be quite immense. The swing gate will not be negatively affected by an incline.

They are easy to install: Easy installation, even if you are going the DIY route is quite a welcome benefit as you won’t have to worry about sitting for days without a gate. The sliding gate has pulleys and chains which might need to be a little more complicated when it comes to the installation.

They simply look better: Often the swing gate looks far more attractive than the alternatives. When they swing open they can appear to be welcoming guests in. They can also be manufactured in such a way that they look statelier then the sliding gate, which often takes on a more industrial look.

Get a swing gate of your own when you contact Tonicdor in Johannesburg. Our range of unique driveway gates Johannesburg and swing gates are ideal for upper market corporate properties as well as residential homes of all kinds.

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