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To instantly improve the security of your home or business property, while also revamping the look of your property, swing gates are the perfect option. Ideal for residential homes, complexes and businesses, our swing gates Randburg range is available at reasonable prices and can be custom made for clients who have specific needs. Tonicdor swing gates are manufactured using the highest quality materials and result in a highly durable security feature.

Swing gates, which are also known as welded gates, backdoor gates, and driveway gates, are made to last. From the design, to the manufacturing, to the installation, Tonicdor Pretoria swing gates are perfectly capable of doing what they need to do.  We also offer fold away Pretoria wash lines systems. .View our ranage onine

Each swing gate is manufactured from the basics, something that not all security gate companies can claim to do. This approach gives us full control over the design and the strength of the gate, as we can choose how the gate will look as well as the type of materials used. The final result is a gate that is made to last and will require very little maintenance. We pay close attention to the finer details of each gate we build and we aim to ensure that each gate is made according to the tough industry standards. Swing gates are made with a 25 x 25 mm frame along with a 19 x 19 filling. The gate bars are vertically welded and have either an 80 mm or a 100 mm space between the bars. The gates are co2 welded and come with a 45* Mitre cornering.

While we have a great selection of standard size gates, perfect for those with conventional spaces, we offer our clients a custom option. With this option, clients can specify not only the exact space in which the gate will fit but also have certain other features such as a pet friendly opening through which dogs and cats can easily come and go.

To ensure that we are able to give our clients exactly what it is that they need, we start each project by finding out as much as we possibly can about what each client is looking for. Ours is a personalised service and it allows us to focus more on the finer details of each gate we manufacture. We have a number of colour options for clients to choose from and our current colours include cream, white, black, and bronze brown.

To complete each gate, we give it a powder finishing. This final touch not only ensures that the gate looks smooth and properly finished off, but it also gives the gate a little extra strength. Our swing gates are the versatile gate option, and are suitable for both driveways as well as other entry ways.

We have all of the experience necessary for manufacturing a high-quality product, and we also offer a full installation service for those who are not keen on attempting to take the DIY route. Once the gate is correctly installed, it is up to the task of keeping you protected and will only require the occasional touch of maintenance once every few years.

Why should you buy from our swing gate Randburg range of products?

When it comes to gate styles, the swing gate just about always comes out on top in the popularity stakes, especially when compared to the sliding gate. The swing gate has numerous benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

Swing gates are quiet: No one enjoys the rattling of the sliding gate or the accompanying noises made by the gate motor. Swing gates are known for being quiet and although they might develop a bit of a squeak over time, this is easily rectified with a little oil.

They are suitable for most properties: Sliding gates have long since been considered unsuitable for those properties built up on slants or a hill. Over time, this position will eventually be damaged by gravity and eventually break. This is not something you’ll worry about with a swing gate.

They are super easy to install: So easy in fact, that the seasoned DIY enthusiast might be able to tackle the project themselves. If this is not a route that you’d like to take, considering that mistakes can happen, it is best to let the professionals install it for you.

They look beautiful: Swing gates have an almost majestic look about them and when added to your property, they are bound to have a positive effect.

Are you keen to add a swing gate to your Randburg property? You can contact Tonicdor today to get a custom quotation on our swing gates Randburg solutions

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