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Take full advantage of Tonicdor swing gates Pretoria range for home and office use

One of the most commonly used security features is without a doubt the swing gate, a product which is widely used in Pretoria. But there is a big difference between having a swing gate manufactured by Tonicdor, and buying one with a no name brand. Our  swing gates Pretoria solutions,  which are also known as driveway gates, welded gates or even a backdoor gate, are manufactured according to our clients’ needs and the highest industry standards.

Tonicdor offers customers the best solutions for your property. Take a look at our washing lines Midrand solutions and swing gates Midrand range today.

Each of our superb swing gates is custom manufactured, a trait of our company that we are quite proud of and which not many other companies can say that they do. By manufacturing instead of buying, we are able to ensure that only the very best materials are used. Our swing gates are perfectly capable of functioning just as they should while also being extra strong. Our normal gates are constructed using a 25 x 25 mm frame and they are designed to include a 19 x 19 mm filling. The bars are placed vertically, and they are spaced about 80 mm to 100 mm apart. The welds are around co2 and each of the swing gates has 45* Mitre corners.

Our swing gates in Pretoria are a great representation of the style which most home and business owners can choose to include in their security setup. But the basic designs are by no means the only style you can choose to have. Taking into account the fact that each of our clients has quite unique needs, we are more than capable of customising the entire manufacturing process. This means that if you want to add a space for dogs to enter or exit, this additional feature can be worked into the design. Our team takes the time to find out what the exact needs of each client is before we begin the manufacturing process. By doing this we are able to provide a personalised service. As a result to this attention to detail, maintenance will be quite minimal. Currently, our swing gates in Pretoria are available in the following colours: White, cream, bronze, brown and black. Each get is fit with a two pin lock. The first lock is designed to allow the gate to be locked with a key while the second lock is a push lock which is ideal for emergencies.

Our manufacturing method will guarantee that our clients receive the best possible swing gate which is more than capable of keeping intruders out. These gates are ideal for townhouse complexes as well as for private homes. And with the powder coating finishing, the gate will look incredibly stylish and be a fabulous addition to any property.

While swing gates can be added as doors to entryways, they also work quite perfectly as driveway gates. As they can be custom made, the size can be adapted in such a way that they can be used to provide extra security to a property. When it comes to installation, clients have two options. They can either do it themselves or they can lean on our installation expertise. We’ve installed all kinds of swing gates in Pretoria and we are more than happy to get yours set up for you.

Why should you buy a swing gate in Pretoria?

A swing gate and a sliding gate are the two most popular styles, and while both have their advantages, the swing gate tends to be the most preferred. The swing gates greatest benefit is that it is the ideal additional layer of security, something that is much needed in a city like Pretoria.

Some of the many advantages that come with having a swing gate in Pretoria include:

They don’t make a noise: Unlike the sliding gate which can be quite a noisy structure, the swing gate won’t buzz or rattle. It will open quietly and should it get a little stiff after years of use, a quick spray of lubricant should sort that out.

They are ideal for properties on an incline: Properties built up on a hill are not ideal for sliding gates. Not only is there the possibility that the gate might not actually work, but there is also the reality that the gate will buckle under the pressure of hanging there. A swing gate will not be impacted in the same way.

They are simple to install: Even if you have decided to go that DIY route, you’ll find that the swing gate is one of the easiest types to install. You won’t be waiting days for your gate to be put in place, unlike when you opt for a sliding gate which can be more complicated.

They will look better: A swing gate tends to be a whole lot more attractive when compared to the alternatives. The design gives the gate a far statelier look and when it swings open, it can look rather welcoming.

Have our constructed swing gates Pretoria range installed on your property by getting in touch with Tonicdor and finding out more about what we have to offer.

From Tonicdor. We manufacture high standard swing gates, custom-made according to a client’s specific requirements.

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