Security Gates Roodepoort

Double upright gate

2 Lock system: 1 Slam-Lock & 1 Hook-Lock

Fixed on all 4 sides

No plastic parts

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Instantly improve your safety when you purchase gates from our security gates Roodepoort range

The security gate is one of those features that absolutely no home or business should risk being without. Tonicdor offers customers security gates Roodepoort systems that are made from the toughest steel and they are guaranteed to become the primary security feature in your overall security setup.

Tonicdor has become one of the leading security solutions companies in the Gauteng area and over the years we have developed a range of outstanding security products and we can safely report that our products have enjoyed a high success rate when it comes to keeping properties secure. Our gates are manufactured using the best quality materials and designs which ensure that they do as promised. Our range of products are properly made and correctly reinforced which is what makes them highly effective. Our products are also made to be affordable, which allows just about anyone to have them installed.

Secure your Roodepoort property with Tonicdor’s solutions. Search and find the best washing lines Roodepoort systems and and swing gates in Roodepoort for your property today.

When last did you have a look at your current security? Is it still up to scratch or is it lacking something? Maybe now is the best time to evaluate your existing security and decide if it is still capable of protecting you.

Choose the right type of fixed security gates solutions from Tonicdor

There is a wide range of security gates on the South African market, and clients have several options to consider. It is important that when making your selection you choose the correct one. The Trellis security gate is widely considered to be the best option and this is the type of gate we specialise in manufacturing. Our double upright Trellis Security gates are popular within the area

Each of our security doors are manufactured using extra cold rolled tubing and each gate features a slam lock as well as a hook lock. This double lock system gives our gates that extra security boost which really comes in handy during emergency situations.

Our products are given a powder coat finishing and they are fixed on all 4 sides. The gates also have tightly fitted nylon plugs on coach screws. Unlike other security gates on the market, not a single part of our gates are made from plastic. The runners on the top and the connecting joints on the bottom are made with steel. These aspects ensure that the gate is just about unbreakable.

Along with manufacturing the best quality security gates we also offer each of our clients a professional installation service. Our gates can be used as on shop fronts, sliding doors and entry ways.

Our security gates are manufactured in a range of colours such as white, cream, brown, black and charcoal. This allows you to easily match your security gate to your décor.

Trellis is better

Trellis doors have been considered the best option for security, not just because they are manufactured according the highest industry standards. Trellis gates are designed to make entry incredibly difficult, and this is something that can only be achieved when expert design, manufacturing and installation come together.

One of the greatest benefits of having a Trellis door is that it will only require a single key. You can have a number of gates installed throughout your property and only need the one key to open or lock all of them. The other benefit is that the gate can be custom made, so that it will fit into any space. For this and many other reasons, the Trellis Gate is the preferred choice.

Expert Burglar Proofing

As modern security advances, the traditional burglar proofing that is found on most homes and businesses has a number of noticeable flaws. This means, most criminals have figured out how to get past them and break into properties. The Trellis gate removes many of the vulnerabilities that your normal burglar proofing has. A Trellis gate is not easily broken and it is next to impossible to remove it without the right tools once it is installed. The burglar proofing is made from the same tough steel as the other Trellis doors.

Trellis gates used as burglar proofing can be opened which while it is not a security feature it is a design feature preferred by many.

Take a look at our  home or office security gate deals today! You will immediately improve your security and feel more secure at your property. We are the leading security gate manufacturers in the Gauteng area and all of our gates come with a warranty. Contact us for more information or for a custom quotation. Aew

From Tonicdor. We are a leading supplier of slam-lock security gates to private homes, small and large businesses, shops and warehouses, schools and even churches.

Tonicdor – All our security gates are sold by a Tonicdor representative and is fitted by Tonicdor’s competent staff. No sub-contractors are used

We work in the whole of Gauteng.

Security gates from Tonicdor are fitted with 2 locks – i x slam lock and 1 x hook lock

At Tonicdor we offer a full 5-year guarantee on our workmanship.

All our security gates are made from top quality new A-grade steel.

Normally, a 8mm x 60mm nylon plug in a brick wall is used to fit the gate to a standard wall. If the wall is poor and brittle, a poxy can be added.

From Tonicdor – We only make double upright security gates and burglar bars – meaning 12,7×12,7 tubing (0,9mm) The uprights are paralleled behind each other to form one line.

The wheels and connectors at the bottom are all steel.

Yes, Tonicdor can manufacture security barriers for windows. These barriers can have 1 x lock, to open and close – if needed, or alternatively fixed.
Application – to wash a window, as a serving hatch in a restaurant or reception area, for emergency escape in case of fire.

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