Trellis Security Doors & Gates

Double upright gate

2 Lock system: 1 Slam-Lock & 1 Hook-Lock

Fixed on all 4 sides

No plastic parts

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Improve your property safety with our reliable security gates Randburg solutions from Tonicdor

One of the best ways to secure your home or your business is to install a Tonicdor security gate. Our security gates Randburg range are designed and manufactured to provide excellent protection and are guaranteed to keep you, your family or your business safe from intruders.

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Over the years Tonicdor has grown to become a leading security company in the Gauteng area, providing a wide range of formidable security products including the security gate. Our products are proven to protect and we’ve enjoyed a high success rate when it comes to keeping our clients and their belongings well-guarded. The way in which our gates are designed and manufactured, and the way in which they are installed, all goes towards ensuring their efficiency. The gates are correctly reinforced and we’ve made sure that they are affordable enough for just about anyone to invest in.

If you are doubting your current security setup or if you are looking to add a little something to it to make sure that it protects you when you need it to, you might want to consider having a Tonicdor installed.

Choosing the correct gates

South Africans are quite possibly the only people on the planet who know just about everything there is to know when it comes to security products. Let’s face it, we also have the widest range of options when it comes to security products that we simply can’t always keep up with the latest trends or know exactly what is best. Some security gates and some materials are always going to be better than others and it is important that you are aware of which are best. The Trellis security gate is one of the most sought after, and these are the gates that Tonicdor specialises in making. Our double upright gates are popular in Gauteng and have earned the trust of many people.

Our gates are manufactured using extra cold rolled tubing, used to fashion a moulded slam lock which is ideal to have in case of emergency. Our security gates differ from others in that the gates actually have 2 locks, one being the emergency lock and the other being the hook lock.

The gates are given a powdered coating and they are designed to be fixed on all 4 sides. The gates also have nylon plugs and coatch screws. Not a single part of the gate is made from plastic, a characteristic that makes these gates extra tough. And with connecting joints along the bottom and runners along the top also made from steel, it is really difficult to break through these gates.

Along with providing our Randburg clients with a superb security gate, one that will make them feel extra safe, we also provide a professional installation to guarantee that the gate is correctly put in place. Our security gates can be used as shop fronts, within homes and as sliding doors.

To make the selection of these gates even easier, we have them available in a range of colours, which will have them fitting in with your home or business colour scheme quite perfectly. Security gates are available in white, cream, light grey, brown and black.

Why opt for Trellis?

There are many reasons why the Trellis security gate is by far considered the best option. They are manufactured according to the highest standards, and made using the most reliable steel. With the combination of design, manufacture and material coming together, you have a security gate that is next to impossible to break through.

Apart from the immense security that these gates offer, a Trellis security gate has another little-known benefit. A single key can be used to access every gate of this kind that you have installed on your property, which minimises the risk of keys being lost. The Trellis can also be custom made and as a result they can be put into almost any space.

Modern Burglar Proofing

When it comes to the kind of burglar proofing that will keep you safe, the traditional kind has many flaws that can compromise the security they are meant to provide. Traditional burglar proofing has already been beaten by many thieves, but when using a Trellis gate as your burglar proofing, you are making it extra difficult for anyone to break in. Trellis gates are difficult to get past and just about impossible to remove once correctly installed.

When you invest in a Tonicdor, you are investing in your safety. As one of the leading security gate providers, we can help you make your space a whole lot safer. And our security gates Randburg solutions are backed up by a warranty.

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