Burglar Proofing

Double upright gate

2 Lock system: 1 Slam-Lock & 1 Hook-Lock

Fixed on all 4 sides

No plastic parts

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Centurion, Midrand

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Secure your home or office space with Tonicdor’s burglar bars in Johannesburg and Centurion

Crime prevention should be something that every Centurion resident takes seriously. Burglar proofing although under rated and often considered basic, is actually one of the most effective ways to prevent your business or your family from becoming a victim of crime. Tonicdor offers customers a range of burglar bars centurion solutions. Browse through our website to view this product and more.

We provide our customers with top security solutions in Gauteng. Our company provides the best burglar bars in Midrand and top washing lines in Centurion. Browse through our website for more information on all of our products.

Tonicdor has built a solid reputation for providing the residents of Centurion with a range of immensely durably security solutions which range from Trellis security gates to convenient swing gates. We also build some of the toughest burglar proofing on the market.

We design and manufacture the kind of burglar proofing that prevents criminals from gaining access to buildings. Our burglar proofing is quite easy to install and once in place, becomes one of the most effective ways to keep criminals out.

Our burglar proofing for Centurion properties are made in a fixed trellis style and they are suitable for both homes and businesses. Once the burglar proofing is in place, property owners will not have to worry about their building being easily targeted. Our trellis designed burglar proofing is proven to be durable and reliable and they are available in a variety of different colours.

When you contact Tonicdor, you will receive a personalised service that will ensure that you get the product you really need.

We are serious about design and so we make the manufacturing part of the process one of our most important steps.

We understand that the materials chosen for the manufacturing will play a primary role in ensuring that the product is reliable and when the material is moulded into a tough to beat design, you will enjoy extra security. Each product is also given a finishing touch which is meant to give the product a longer lifespan as well as make it extra durable.

The burglar bars are finished off with the same powder coating which we use on our other security products. This finishing gives the burglar proofing a smooth touch finish. The final coating will ensure that the bars don’t rust and that they will require very little maintenance or paint fixes as the years go on.

Our clients can choose from a variety of colours including grey, brown, white, cream and black, allowing them to match their burglar bars to their current colour scheme.

Burglar proofing features

There are a number of reasons why our burglar proofing stands well apart from our competitors. When you invest in any Tonicdor product, you are investing in a security feature that won’t let you down.

One feature that makes our products so reliable is that we don’t use plastic when we are manufacturing our products. Our burglar proofing is fixed on 4 sides and that, with the lack of plastic, means they are just about impossible to remove without the right tools.

Our trellis burglar proofing is also created to feature the popular Tonicdor 2-locking system, if required. The first lock is your tough but quite common hook lock, while the other is a slam lock which can be useful in security situations.

Why invest in our burglar proofing in Centurion?

We manufacture trellis security bars because we know just how effective they are. Some of the many reasons why you should invest in our burglar proofing in Centurion include:

Criminals won’t get in: And if they try, they will need to put up such a struggle that they will probably give up. Reliable durable proofing is known to prevent crime and with the trellis burglar proofing, any robber is going to think twice before attempting a break-in.

Only one payment: These days, many of the best security set ups are those provided by a security company and as such, they require monthly payments. The right kind of burglar proofing can provide security that is just as effective as that provided by a security company, but they won’t require anything more than a once off fee.

Self-Sustaining: This means your burglar proofing can function without relying on an electricity source. When the lights are out during a black out, you won’t have to worry about your burglar proofing being unable to keep you safe.

More than a single purpose: While preventing crime is the main mission of burglar proofing, this is not the only purpose they serve. Having burglar proofing can prevent both children and animals from climbing out of a window and possibly being hurt.

Should you be in the market for new burglar bars in Centurion, or should you be looking to add this security to a newly built property, get in touch with Tonicdor for the best burglar-proofing prices.

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