You don’t need anyone to tell you that South Africa has a serious crime problem. In the last few years, the crime statistics have soared, and with little being done to overcome this very serious nationwide problem, it is up to you, the homeowner, to keep your home and your family safe. We have listed quick and easy solutions on how to protect your home from intruders effectively in South Africa.

The cops, and your security company, might be a phone call or alarm signal away, but the truth is that once help has been alerted, the criminals have already barged their way in and possibly stolen something, or worse, hurt you or the ones you love.

And it’s not just the theft that will leave you reeling, but also that completely invasive feeling that your sanctuary is no longer a safe space.

Avoiding crime is not always possible, but making your home as difficult as possible to break into, is something you do have control over.

Useful tips how to protect your home from intruders

These simple, but effective, tips have the power to transform the way you look at security and could prove useful if you are looking for more ways to keep your home safe.

1. Check your locks

When was the last time you had a good look at your locks? It can take just 60 seconds to break a bad lock and gain entry. Many locks can be snapped or forced open while there is also the possibility of intruders simply breaking the entire lock out of its place.

You want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to gain entry, so make sure that the locks you have are up to the task of keeping your home secure.

And then make sure that you actually lock up, even if you are at home. Intruders are more than willing to take a chance and you don’t want to be caught unaware.

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2. Start thinking like a robber

You might think that your home is secure, but change your perspective to what a robber would be seeing when they start sizing up your security, and you might start seeing real flaws. What you might think they will never do, like climbing through an upstairs window, is quite likely your biggest weakness.

Never underestimate the cunning that criminals have expertly crafted over the years. If there is just the slightest possibility that they can get in, they will take it.

3. Improve your homes visibility

Intruders fear light. Well, not the light, but the visibility that it can create. Illuminating your yard and entry ways is a tactic that might put a would be robber off of attempting a break in.

If you are worried about the cost of keeping lights on all through the night, consider installing a few motion detecting solar lights at your access points and your gate.

Need a professional electricians to assist with electric fencing?

4. Reinforce your doors

This is where having a top quality security gate will become your first line of defence. Robbers don’t enjoy a struggle; they want to get in, rob you and get out, with minimal effort. The more difficult you make it, the less interested they are going to be.

Investing in a quality security gate is better than settling for the appearance of quality. This tip wouldn’t be helpful if the intruder could simply break your gate down.

how to protect your home from intruders with Tonicdor
how to protect your home from intruders with gates

5. Use automation

If you have the money to spare, and you are going to be away from home periodically, especially at night, giving your home the appearance of being lived in is key to your security.

With automation, you can time your lights to come on at a certain hour, or depending on the system, you can control your lights from wherever you are, making those looking in believe that someone is home.

6. Take care of your garden

Having overgrown shrubs and plants not only makes your home look unlived in, but it also creates a hiding place for criminals. Keep your garden neat and tidy, and if you have shrubs near your doors or gates, keep them short so no one can hide behind them.

7. Get a buddy

Having a canine companion is one of the best things you can do for your home security. Dogs are fiercely territorial and they have the most incredible senses. Long before you realise that trouble is in your yard, your dog will let you know.

If you are going to get a dog, know that it doesn’t have to be an aggressive breed. Also, you’ll want your dog to live inside your home. They will be little use outside if they get poisoned, something that often happens before a robbery.

That being said, you should only get a dog if you are a dog person. Dogs are far more than a security system, and they will need lots of love and attention.

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8. Know your neighbour

Your neighbour could become your ally in a time of crisis. Getting to know who lives on either side of you could pay off in the long term. Consider setting up a system that will allow you both to keep a look out for each other.

9. Be wary of who you let in your home

Stranger danger is real. When someone comes to your gate or door, and you don’t know them, it’s best to not let them in. Officials who need to contact you can give you a heads up or contact you via phone.

10. Don’t help the criminal

Leaving things like a ladder, rope, brooms, or anything else that can be used as leverage to get into your home, is basically like giving the robber a helping hand. Walk around your yard, and put away anything that could be seen as helpful.

11. Upgrade your burglar proofing

Outdated burglar proofing that can easily be removed, needs to be replaced with something way more substantial. If you think your burglar proofing is not up to the task of keeping you protected, maybe it’s time to look at having it replaced.

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12. Keep valuables away from prying eyes

Laptops, cameras, cell phones, jewellery, flat screen TVs, you name it. If it is financially valuable to you, it is likely to be valuable to the robber looking to break in. The best thing you can do is put these kinds of items out of sight.

When you want to know how to protect your home from intruders effectively, be sure to contact Tonicdor. Our team will assist you in finding the perfect security solutions for your needs.